Monday, 8 September 2014

September 14' Update

 September Update

Inside the Kitchen Wing where the new library is to be located
Internally - The underfloor heating and lime screeding is now complete. Lime plastering works have significantly progressed as well as repairs to the wattle and daub panelling – the mixture for which was produced with the assistance of  children from Ledbury Primary School.

Infills to the panels on the kitchen wing are complete.

The new frame at the end of the kitchen wing
Externally -  brickwork repairs are nearing completion and the windows have been installed. Rendering has started on the East Elevation.

The external stores have been constructed and roofed using reclaimed tiles from the original roof of the building

Lathing ready to receive the external rendering
A large paddle mixer used for mixing the lime plaster and render
The newly constructed external store with reclaimed roof adjacent the 19th Century wing


  1. Looks impressive, job well done.

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