Thursday, 5 December 2013

December Update

December Update

  • Timber Frame Repairs have continued over the past few months with the bulk of the structural repairs completed. The internal scaffolding to the Main Hall will be removed this month to reveal the open hall for the 1st time in over 400 years!
  • Works have commenced to re-roof the building with the removal of the external scaffolding still on course for April next year
  • The insulated area shown in the above photo and in the section drawing below are 'cassettes' that have been constructed an filled with a product called Hempcrete. Hempcrete is basically chopped up Hemp mixed with lime and a very small quantity of cement. It is a environmentally friendly product and works as a natural insulate and will allow the building to 'breath' which is extremely important to help preserve the historic fabric. See for more details.

  • The Hempcrete is also being blown into the panels of the frame with Chestnut staves being used to support the material. In the photo below plastic sheeting has been applied to protect the Oak during the spraying process.

  • The Limecrete floor will also be laid to the main hall. A cross section of the makeup can be seen here . Lime flooring is being used rather than a standard sand/cement screed as this also allows the floors to 'breath'. Limecrete is a relatively recent product only being developed in 1998- full details and can be read by following the link.