Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ledbury Library Unveiled!

Friday afternoon saw the internal scaffolding being removed from inside the Kitchen Wing section of the Masters House which will eventually hold the library! It was an exciting moment and was great to see the final shape after such a long period of hardwork leading up to it.

The beams at the end are still encased in a protective covering after the spraying of the Hempcrete which finished in this section last week. Once dry in about 8-10 weeks time lime plastering can commence.

The end section that can be seen in this photo is a completely new section of timber frame that is to replace a section of the building that was likely removed a few hundred years ago.

Users of the old Shopmobility service may not recognise it but the brick structure on the right hand side of the photo is an old bread oven that could be seen on your left as you entered through the door.

There are still many months of work ahead to complete and fit out the building but the removal of the internal scaffolding marks another key milestone. The external scaffolding is due to be removed in April.