Saturday, 25 February 2012

Phase 2 Planning

As Phase 1B the relocation of HCC services from their existing location to the newly refurbished 19th Century Wing nears completion in April works to progress the main phase '2' of the buildings can begin.

Initially this will consist of a 'stripping out' phase where certain areas of the historic fabric will be exposed during Phase 1C. This will enable the designers to see and assess how the existing layout can be altered whilst repairing and retaining the heritage of this Grade 2* listed building. As the building is of national significance it is not possible to undertake too many alterations to the existing layout - which is a challenge faced by the design team in how to turn the Masters House into a exciting and usable community space but within the space constraints imposed.

To faciliate the assessment of the fabric and protect the works as the roof is replaced the current proposal is erect a large temporary roof over the whole of the building. We are currently working on the design for this structure - with particular thought going into how the main site will setup up. Adequate room for the scaffolding is needed, so is adequate work area to allow the project to progress whilst complying with all Health & Safety legislation. We are also looking at how to rearrange the setup to minimise the impact on the carpark. The erection of the scaffolding is currently hoped to start in the New Year 2013.

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