Saturday, 10 May 2014

SpellerMetcalfe team running for St. Michaels Hospice

Whilst this is not related to the Masters House project it is important so hopefully the followers of this blog will indulge me. In a moment of madness I have agreed to do Hereford Half Marathon tomorrow along with around 20 other people from SpellerMetcalfe.

In truth I'm not a fan of running and have done next to no training so it is going to be a painful experience if I do get round. Nevertheless it is for an extremely good cause - St Michaels Hospice 

If you live local to Ledbury/Hereford then the chances are you know somebody who has used St. Michaels and will know of the excellent service they provide. Indeed as unfortunately 1 in 3 people will get Cancer it could be you or I that need it so if you could spare a few quid to help the cause that would be great. We already have around £1000 pledged from our various subcontractors but if you would like to donate please do so by either letting me know personally or by giving at


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