Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Dinosaur that came to Town

'The Dinosaur that came to Town' is how the huge crane that came to site to remove the roof trusses that had carried the temporary roof for the last year was described by the Ledbury Reporter. (Click link for article)

Ledbury Reporter: GIANT: The crane on site

The roof trusses were removed quickly and the operation is remove the structure which had dwarfed the carpark and was clearly visible from many parts of the town was gone.

The scaffolding without its wrappings

A silhouetted roof truss at sunrise 

The remaining access scaffolding around the building was stripped over the course of the coming week and in half the time anticipated it was gone to reveal the which had been cocooned for so long.

The top end of the carpark is now open although as the structure was removed quicker than anticipated the blocks which have been weighing it down are still awaiting collection. They should be removed in the next couple of weeks.

Over the past few weeks the site has also been very busy with lots of visits from various organisations. The site entertained members of HAWCE (Herefordshire & Worcestershire Constructing Excellence) with Andy Tector formally Project Manager at Herefordshire County Council giving an introduction - followed by Ed whose passion and enthusiasm for old construction techniques was a delight to listen to. The evening was rounded off with sandwiches and few pints in the Prince of Wales.

Other visits both formal and informal take place on an almost daily basis and have included the ladies of Cradley WI, 20 members of the Worcestershire Society of Chartered Architects & the Friends of the Masters House.

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