Monday, 5 December 2011

John Masefield High School Y8 Visits

This week we are running a series of site visits from John Masefield High School - giving the Year 8 pupils a chance to visit the Masters House, St. Katherines Hall/Chapel and the Alms Houses. Graeme Sampson - Head of Humanities was keen to get the pupils thinking about the reasons why money is spent on preserving old buildings - and to take an interest in the history of the local area - in particular places like St. Katherines Hall which are right under people's noses but often get forgotten.

Each class was split into 2 groups with Peter Heaton - Secretary of St. Katherines Hall kindly giving up his time to show the children around - and imparting some of his intimate knowledge of the history of the site.

List of Masters of St. Katherines

Medeival Floor Tiles in St. Katherines Chapel

St. Katherines Chapel - c.1232

Y8 Pupils line up to peek into the roof space

Group Switch Over

Ed explains about the use of lime plaster

Looking into the Roof Void


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