Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Community Involvement

· As part of the Considerate Constructors scheme - we are keen to be involved in community as much as possible during our time at the Masters House. Many of our site team are Ledbury residents and as such feel as a special attachment to this project. If anybody has any good ideas how we can actively get involved please do not hesitate to contact any member of our team so far this year we have:
  • Sponsored Ledbury Reserves Football club shirts for the forthcoming season.
  • We sponsored the Ledbury Young Farmers Frog Racing Fundraising Evening in August.
  • 20+ members of Speller Metcalfe staff took to the streets to take part in the Ledbury Carnival on a float specially constructed by our apprentice carpenters. The event raised a significant amount of money for local charities.
  • We held a community opening afternoon in St. Katherine’s hall on the first day of the project to explain how we would be managing the works to minimise impact on the community – around 30 people attended throughout the afternoon including the Mayor. Our fortnightly project update will delivered to the Town Council offices for display.
  • We letter dropped the entire Ledbury High Street & nearby local residents prior to starting the project to explain how we would be managing the works to minimise impact on the local community & bring benefits to the town.
  • We have met with Andy Evans (Headteacher of John Masefield High School) to discuss the educational opportunities that the project will afford to the school and also the seven feeder primary schools in the locality. We intend this to include site visits, use of the hoarding as an outdoor art gallery, have Ivor Goodsite visits to the primary schools & talks on Sustainability in Buildings at the High School.
  • We have contacted the Chairman of Ledbury in Bloom and will be making the site hoarding and surrounds a centrepiece of the St. Katherines Car Park next year.
  • We will be sending out a questionnaire to local businesses and residents to ask how we are getting on at minimising negative impacts of construction work in the new year.
  • · We have met with the Local Salter’s Hill Charity for children & adults with learning difficulties. Commencing and are employing two Ledbury residents with learning difficulties to clean the site accommodation at the project. As well as giving them good work experience they will also be paid. We recently completed the construction of an outdoor covered learning space with the charity at their Ledbury base with staff from our Malvern office on a voluntary basis.
  • We are monitoring the site’s CO₂ footprint & transport to and from the site.
  • We will be making an effort to erect Christmas Decorations in December and to send Christmas cards to Ledbury residents.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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